I am a photographer, architect, teacher and writer based in Athens, Greece.

I specialize in landscape, portrait, architectural and fine art photography and have a teaching career that spans over two decades, having delivered hundreds of seminars on computer-aided design and photo editing. My photos and articles have been published internationally.

I have immersed myself in several cultures, and am in a unique position to see both North America and Greece, where I have lived extensively, as both a native and a visitor.

I started shooting regularly late in my career, and my enthusiasm is still fresh — so in addition to my captures of daily sights and beautiful locations, I have been told I have a contagious excitement over new subjects and techniques, and patient skill in conveying what I’ve learned to others. I find great satisfaction in helping others learn to use their new cameras, edit their photos, capture memories, or fulfill their curiosity, hunger for discovery and personal creativity.

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