alone on your streets

After a decade of exploring and obsessing over technical and aesthetic aspects of photography, I began creating a series of photographs that acknowledge a deeper need I had to reflect on my personal experience, without worrying about photographic imperfections.

My existence at the many urban environments that I have inhabited has left me with a sense of solitude. I fleetingly acknowledge the surrounding structures but as a general space, without obsessing about details. The solitary figures represent myself, small, ephemeral, overpowered and intimidated by the setting, with a sensation of not being able to substantially affect its long-term material and social structure.

The images are monochrome, and I use contrasts of tone or form to shape the general morphology of a location into a coherent whole. The lone figure is an anonymous particle, low in prominence. The moods I attempt to evoke are varied, mirroring the shifting emotions of an examined but detached life.

This is perhaps a project still in progress. Time will tell.

See the entire gallery, here.