killing time

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on monday i went down to the center of athens to have my canon 6D sensor cleaned. i knew it was going to take a couple of hours, so i thought i’d kill time by doing a bit of random shooting. just for fun, i brought along my very old canon 350D (a digital rebel XT), an 8MP camera which i believe i bought in 2003, along with the sigma 18-200 f/3.5-6.3 i originally paired with it.

i’m not fond of the center of the city, and mostly focus [pun] on details rather than wide street views. now that i look over my little harvest, i can see the following motifs:

1. the tops of buildings in relation to cables give the feel of the omonia – exarchia portion of the city, without the clutter of people and signage that dominate the street level.

2. the area is rich in political and artistic graffiti. this time i was drawn to the latter.

3. i ducked into the campus of the national technical university, and specifically the school of architecture building where i spent my college days, and attempted to make the overly familiar feel new by shooting details as abstracts.

that old lens is very handy for zooming, but i’m afraid that it’s not exactly superior quality. the 8MP is ok for web use, but print would be out of the question by today’s standards. still, it’s good enough for the web… and i certainly enjoyed the freedom of having a setup that relieved me from the pressure of making great pictures and i could just relax and play.

fortunately for me, the sensor cleaning took half the time, so this batch isn’t too bad for an hour’s shoot.

you can see the images individually in my gallery here.