tourists at sounion

poseidon’s temple is gorgeous, but tourists also love to witness the sunset at cape sounion.  these lovely ladies asked if i would take a picture of them, so i took four.

mithridatis in black

a portrait shoot with mithridatis, a man of many talents*, and as you can see from his expressions, he’s fun to shoot. and he’s a star trek fan (check out his tattoos)! please see a large version of the gallery, here. *musician, lyricist, visual artist, entertainer, actor, and co-founder and co-owner of […]

shooting despina

  a few days ago, i created some headshots for my friend, despina ksenopoulou. we tried various poses and lighting, and i experimented with my editing.  you can view my favorite shots on my gallery, here.

betty up close

  so i created some close up portraits for my friend and model, betty papandreou.  click on the image to see the shots i liked in the gallery.    

supermoon 2014

i shot this a few hours ago, as a single exposure, together with georgios georgiadis and anthony ayiomamitis, over the castle at the town of filla, on the island of euvoia in greece. as always, i’m very grateful to anthony, who does all the difficult brainwork and always finds the […]

a galaxy of my own

on saturday, i made my first attempt at shooting the milky way, at the 8th annual excursion organized by the hellenic amateur astronomy association, with the benefit of a beautifully dark sky. this can definitely become addictive. i think i need to find some interesting locations.