alone on your streets

After a decade of exploring and obsessing over technical and aesthetic aspects of photography, I began creating a series of photographs that acknowledge a deeper need I had to reflect on my personal experience, without worrying about photographic imperfections. My existence at the many urban environments that I have inhabited […]

killing time

gallery of individual images on monday i went down to the center of athens to have my canon 6D sensor cleaned. i knew it was going to take a couple of hours, so i thought i’d kill time by doing a bit of random shooting. just for fun, i brought […]

beauty in the dark with the OMD E-M5 MarkII

i had lots of fun at olympus’ OMD action factory in prague on sunday, as i had the opportunity to try the new OMD E-M5 MarkII. we had a fun day trying out this beautiful camera at well-designed stations especially prepared to demonstrate its exciting capabilities. i still have quite […]


my friend, xenia, had seen some of the closeups i’d previously created — headshots with windswept hair — and she wanted a few for herself, so we got together on sunday for a shoot. you can see the shots i liked best here.

flamenco girl

my daughter borrowed a beautiful skirt for her dance lessons, and we took some time to shoot some poses on a windy wintry day at pendeli overlooking the rest of athens. check out all five images here.

decorating friends for the holidays

  a photographer’s block, a bit of frustration, and too much time on my hands let me one afternoon to poke around autodesk’s pixlr update on my android. i added some overlays on a portrait i’d shot of a friend, liked it, did another, and then couldn’t stop. click the […]